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Sharp may supply LCD panels to Samsung | Rumor

Samsung Electronics could contact Sharp to supply LCD panels. The indiscretion comes from the Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), a company that specializes in market analysis. Samsung has recently announced to stop the production of LCD panels conventional by the end of 2020. Stop then the relevant...


Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, incoming variant with 16 GB of RAM

A Samsung Galaxy Chromebook with 16 GB of RAM might be in the works. The variants presented in the course of the CES 2020 will stop at a maximum of 8 GB which could be more than enough for the scenarios of typical usage of the Chromebook, but on the other hand, here we are talking about high-end systems,...

Galaxy A10: Android update 10 patch march

Android 10 arrives on the entry-level Samsung: we're talking, specifically, of Galaxy A10, smartphone among the most popular on the market (in Q3 2019, was actually the second best selling behind the iPhone, XR). The latest version (stable) of the operating system is finally available to download.The...