Samantha de grenet

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Samantha De Grenet to Come to me his secret for being so young and beautiful at age 49 (Photos)

Not had any problem Samantha De Grenet today to Come to me to confirm that he is 49 years old, and to add that, if it is true that it is rebuilt also has her beauty secrets (photos). The beautiful showgirl from the time it entrusts to the expert hands of the famous punturine on the face. Thanks to these...

Canna-Gate – Samantha De Grenet breaks the silence, “Even on my Island there were drugs and alcohol and I will tell you how it went”

Samantha De Grenet breaks the silence and wants to have its say in the matter canna-gate, talking with the posted Staffelli of Striscia la Notizia, to clarify some aspects, but confirm the presence of drugs and alcohol in the hotels. Samantha De Grenet has broken the silence, asking to speak with Strip...

Samantha de Grenet confirmation to Strip the news: the first of the Island 2017 drug and alcohol in the Hotel

Strip the news continues to take care of the barrel gate, and in the service of airs on the 21st of march 2018, seeks to put in order all the evidence gathered up to this moment. To confirm that the castaways are in Honduras, before starting the game, have the habit of canna, were Giulia Calcaterra,...