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And’ died on the fungiatt found unconscious in the woods of Curiglia

And’ died yesterday, Saturday 22 September, the seeker of mushrooms in the afternoon of Thursday, had been rescued in the woods of Curiglia with Monteviasco, was found in critical condition in the bed of a torrent, after the alarm was launched by his team mates, worried about his absence once the point...

It was gone this morning with the dog, 84enne found in the evening

The fire brigade attended today, Saturday, August 18, in the municipality of Marnate, to search for a person. A man, class of ‘34 resident in the area, in fact, is departed this morning with the dog and was nowhere to be found. The fire department, thus, have prepared the field for research in the municipality...


“Just to the theatres during the rescue, everyone respects her role”

It is a hard press release that was sent this morning by some trade unions of the Firefighters, who denounce what happened in Maccagno and Pino and Veddasca, where consider the Alpine Rescue some delicate issues in reference to the rescuers. The letter, signed by the FNS CISL VVF, Maximum Isgrò, by CGIL,...