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Intel Core i9-10980HK, frequency Boost, record: 5.3 GHz band | Rumor

Intel Core i9-10980HK will be the next processor top of the range Intel notebook, a solution that according to the current rumors, will have a clock frequency ever seen on a CPU intended for laptops. After the first news about the high operating frequencies of this model, a new slide leaked on videocardz...

Eufy: here come two new cameras that are compatible with HomeKit

Eufy is about to launch two new cameras dedicated to video surveillance, according to what emerged from a post advertising published by mistake on Facebook.The two cameras are part of the category of products designed for the interior of the housing and complementing the function of detection of people...

Microsoft thinks a glove "smart" | The patent

After that at NASA, to pilot the drones with a gesture, even Microsoft is thinking of how to make a glove, "smart", which includes a series of sensors, input and output, literally at your fingertips. Of course, the project is still in its infancy: for the moment, all we have is a patent, filed at the...