Rudy zerbi

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Friends 18 news, Rudy Zerbi responds to the revolutionary proposal of Loredana Bertè

Fans of Friends 18, on Sunday evening, were to read on the social, and not only that, what was the revolutionary proposal made by Loredana Bertè, after the second episode of the talent that, to her, to say, has not seen the triumph of the talent with the removal of the Ludovica. The Bertè has pointed...


Rudy Zerbi, the drama of the father Davide Mengacci: ‘I was Not able to have...’

The conductor of the Recipes in the Italian confesses to the well-known weekly magazine, gossip New, Recently, Davide Mengacci has told the story of the complicated relationship with his son Rudy Zerbi. The conductor of the Recipes in the Italian decided to speak of the professor of the Friends through...

You Que Vales, Marco Baruffaldi moves the judges with his story: ‘being bullied by the master of support

To You Yes Que Vales in the episode of 3 November was introduced by Marco Baruffaldi, a boy of 22 years, that left everyone without words. You Que Vales, there's Marco Baruffaldi In the sixth episode of You Yes Que Vales the young Marco Baruffaldi is presented in front of the four judges: Rudy Zerbi...