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Chris Brown is a dad again

Photos via Zimbio Who would have ever thought that one day we would be found on these pages to congratulate Chris Brown to be a dad again? After becoming a parent due to Royalty, the child was born five years ago from his relationship with Nia Guzman, the rapper has made the bis accepting family with...

Chris Brown celebrates birthday Royalty

Photo: @ Instagram/ Chris Brown It seems like yesterday and yet it has now been five years since Chris Brown has become a father of small Rotalty. The child, born by a relationship of the rapper with Nia Guzman, celebrates today his birthday and the newly 30-year-old has wanted to devote a special message...


Chris Borwn presents his docu-film with Royalty

Photos via ZimbioWho would have ever thought that one day we will have seen Chris Brown in the role of the perfect daddy?The rapper, who in 2009 malmenò Rihanna the night before the Grammy awards, is the protagonist of the docu-movie: “Riveting Entertainment's ‘Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life“, a real...