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Al Bano and Romina in you've got mail: on the social promo-crazy fans of the couple (VIDEO)

On Saturday evening, taking the commitments not only if you are of the viewers are avid who are interested in the stories you tell There is mail for you but also if you are a fans of Al Bano and Romina Power. The two will be the protagonists of the episode of Saturday evening. After the great success...


Romina Power hugging her daughter Ylenia, on the day of his birthday (Photos)

Ylenia Carrisi, the daughter of Romina Power and Al Bano, today he would have turned 48 years old and there is not a day that his mother doesn't think her (photos). Today, more than my Romina Power would like once more to embrace her daughter, she does in a photo posted on Instagram and it was there...

Al Bano and Romina Power excited, at the Maurizio Costanzo Show, tonight the ex-couple on the stage (Photos)

Al Bano and Romina Power tonight will be guests of Maurizio Costanzo Show on the second evening and the advances shown by Gabriele Parpiglia show a slow dance and overwhelming for the two ex-spouses (photos). Moments so full of passion in that embrace with the background music to the fans of the two...