Romina power

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Romina Power without any makeup and without a filter, the photos leave all of the dumb (Photos)

Even without saying anything Romina Power manages to leave all of the stucco, just a photo without filters and completely water and soap. And so it is that She has shown on Instagram, without a trace of makeup. 68 years old and a beauty that we all remember from always, from when she was young girl to...


Al Bano tells us how he created the seal of Cellino for the love of Romina Power (Photo)

The love story between Al Bano and Romina Power, even if over will always be present, because the former golden couple has been bound for a lifetime and is still (photos). The weekly Today, the singer of lecce interviewed during the harvest in Cellino has also told why he started to build what was to...

Monica Setta to Come to me tells the story of Loredana Lecciso and Romina Power, his mistake that has ruined a friendship (Photos)

Monica Setta host Caterina Balivo to Come to me asking Loredana Lecciso to get a coffee together like old times (photo). Were or maybe are still very good friends but the Sect, sincere up to the excess, he narrated an episode that also relates to Romina Power. To the Bailiff of the presenter and journalist...