Romina carrisi

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Al Bano and Romina Power together in the restaurant, more smiling than ever (Photos)

Loredana Lecciso continues to imagine all that she is back with To the Bano, and in the meantime, fans of the singer and Romina Power admire their photos together. This time they are at the restaurant, and there has them pinched together with the magazine Today. The former golden couple is not alone,...


Al Bano confesses that he would never leave Romina and on the stage becomes a singer Romina Jr (Photo)

If the gossip does not pose questions To al Bano and Romina Power on their return even in private life we think the fans continuing to hope they can be even more direct (photo). And’ the magazine Today to reveal some of the behind the scenes tour of the couple in Australia. Well 4 thousand people came...

Cristel with her bump and on the yacht there are also papa Al Bano and Romina jr: it's all in the costume under the sun (Photos)

Rare photos of Cristel Carrisi but on the magazine Who are the shots with the baby bump, images stolen by the paparazzi that show a part of the family aboard a yacht in the water of Salento (photo). With Cristel, in sweet anticipation of your second baby, there are not only her husband, Davor Luksic...