Rocio Munoz Morales

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Rocio Morales On a Sunday, he confesses, “The night's embrace Raoul, and I cry on his shoulder”

A Sunday of Easter (abnormal for all), and go into the family house, because the virus was not yet defeated. And then the vip will continue to tell the story of their quarantine, and in today's episode of Sunday we heard the testimony of Rocio Munoz Morales, the girlfriend of Raoul Bova. For her a particularly...


Chiara Giordano, the former of Raoul Bova is the beautiful marriage of Roberta Giarrusso (Photo)

Orman does not remember even more how long Chiara Giordano and Raul Bova are separated and is a bit’ that does not curiosity among the photos of the ex-wife of the actor. Both are very reserved but certainly Raoul Bova and Rocio Munoz Morales are most desired by the paparazzi for the respective professions....

Raoul Bova and Rocio with the small Moon and Alma happy between school, church, and walks (Photos

And’ tender Raoul Bova and his small Alma close to the chest and it is beautiful Rocio Munoz Morales is already in great shape after the birth of her second child (photo). The journal and the magazine Diva and Woman show photos of the family, all four together when the eldest child leaves school and...