Rocio morales

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Rocio Morales On a Sunday, he confesses, “The night's embrace Raoul, and I cry on his shoulder”

A Sunday of Easter (abnormal for all), and go into the family house, because the virus was not yet defeated. And then the vip will continue to tell the story of their quarantine, and in today's episode of Sunday we heard the testimony of Rocio Munoz Morales, the girlfriend of Raoul Bova. For her a particularly...


Raoul Bova, at the funeral of the mother Chiara Giordano but it will not be a Christmas made easy (Photos)

The bereavement, the death of his mother Rosa, for Raoul Bova a very difficult time of her life, but with her he lived every moment and the day of the funeral, the actor was surrounded by so much love (photos). The day of the funeral of the mother of Raoul Bova, there was also Clear Jordan for a last...

At the Film Festival in Rome, new look of Carlotta Mantovan and the beautiful by Rocio Morales Cristina Chiabotto (Photos)

At the Rome Film Festival these days you do not count the red carpet of the beautiful, of the famous, and the look chosen for the occasion (photo). Stands out among them Carlotta Mantovan, finally with a smile that does not put aside the sorrow for the death of Fabrizio Frizzi, but shows its full force....