Rocco Fredella

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Advances Men and Women, today's episode 17th December: Gemma and Rocco limonano in the car, but do not consume

The first weekly event of the Throne over to U&D After the long break due to the week-end starts a new week of programming of Men and Women in the dating show on Channel 5. We remind all the viewers that this will be the last week of programming in view of the christmas holidays. According to the spoilers...

Gemma Galgani and Rocco overwhelmed by the passion in the car: here's how to have them surprised

Gemma Galgani and Rocco seems they are trying again to get closer. It was clear that there was still something between the two, but something has happened, Gemma Galgani and Rocco Fredella to the Throne Over have finally realized the dream of many viewers, to try again. The two, in fact, have buried...


Men&Women: touched brawl between Rocco and Nino in the studio

Argument between Rocco and Nino in the studio of The today's episode of the Throne Over and gave everyone with bated breath. In the study of Men&Women has been touched in a quarrel between two knights during the story of Gemma Galgani. This is Nino, the old knowledge of the program, and Rocco Fredella....