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Roberta Ragusa, the latest news, in the Afternoon, 5 speaks of a former Policeman: burnt up in a landfill

In the episode of the Afternoon, 5 of the 26 November 2019, the journalist Vito Francesco Paglia has collected important evidence. It is that of a former policeman who has decided to tell on tv, after having sent a mail to the editor of the program, that that is his belief. Says they know what happened...


Alessia, the daughter of Roberta Ragusa: “you will remain with us if dad will be in prison”

“I moved because reviewed those videos I remember of the things that I did with mom,” said Alessia, the daughter of Roberta Ragusa in the first round of the Fourth Degree in the wave on the 28th of June 2019. For the first time on television together with his brother Daniel, the daughter of Roberta spoke...

The children of Roberta Ragusa at the Fourth Grade defend Antonio Logli: here is their thesis

For the first time on television talks about the daughter of Antonio Logli and Roberta Ragusa, Alessia, now an adult and in the bet of the Fourth Degree of the 28th of June 2019. A few days after the decision of the Supreme court that could order it in a definitive way, their dad, or reopen this story...