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Maccagno, the kids challenge the life “playing” with the car in transit

Several citizens, who, in the past few days, reported on Facebook an issue that is bothering the whole community of Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca. From what we learn, in fact, over the weekend some motorists along the highway 394, on the straight in the centre of Maccagno with Pine Veddasca (near the...


California, use of cell phones and radiation: new position “obligated” to the Department of Health

The Department of public health of California has updated the official guidance on the use of smartphones in relation to the potential health hazards of the users.In the new guidelines it is specified that users should never carry the cell phone in your pocket or keep it near the bed during the night....

The decalogue to drive away the thieves from your home and decrease the risk of theft

Doors, to be always close with all the sends, grates on the windows for the lower floors and the penthouses, but that you can use as stairs. And if you install the alarm, it must be a plant-of-the art, and to emit a sound that the neighbors are immediately alerted. To secure their home against the risk...