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Bleach: a review of the live-action Netflix!

Useless to hope that Netflix learns from his mistakes. After having disappointed with the live action american Death Note, and a transposition into a film of Full Metal Alchemist that is better not to comment, the behemoth of streaming try to re-enable its line of live action inspired by the manga japanese...


Rhein River Trade – Accumulate capital by trading along the Rhine

I always thought that load and unload containers, it was not a fun job. Then I played the Rhein River Trade, and I understand that it is not so bad! This board game in 2017, designed by Stefania Nicolini and Marco Canetta (ZhanGuo) and distributed by giochi Uniti takes us to trade up and down Europe...

Battle for Rokugan: the legend continues on the field of battle!

He landed in the shops already for a few weeks, the Battle for Rokugan, the new board game by Tom Jolly and Molly Glover, published by Fantasy Flight Games and landed in Italy, fully localized, thanks to Asmodee. Battle for Rokugan – Review Set in the fantastic world de The Legend of the Five Rings,...