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Gifts for the holidays, Apple opens its showcase of Christmas with new timing on the return

As every year, comes the showcase of the Apple with the advice on Christmas gifts, with the long-awaited increase of the timing for return. All products purchased from today, 14 November to 25 December can be returned up to January 8, 2019. Apple lets you return products ordered online or at the store,...


Milo Infante kicked out of the Rai, the story ends in court: the decision of the judges

The story of the expulsion from the Rai Milo Infante goes back In 2011: the conductor was demansionato, because it is contrary to the lists of proscription carried out by the executives of Rai. Everything is finished to resolve in court, with a judgment in favour of the Infant Many fans are eagerly awaiting...

The European union: “Sanctions on member States that do not ricollocano migrants”

Continue to hold the bank, the theme of migrants in Brussels and, today, to intervene, directly with the warning of the Eu Commission and the president Junker. “We must give protection to those who need it, but we also need to repatriate those who do not have the right to remain in the Eu, in full respect...