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Saturday the third edition of the “Trophy of the City of Brusimpiano”, here are the results and the winners

It is held the day of Saturday the third edition of the “Trophy of the City of Brusimpiano”, organized by the ACD Lavena Coop Ponte Tresa. To compete over a distance of 3.2 kilometres, from the town of Brusimpiano, where it was given away in the competition, he led the participants up to the village...

Porto Valtravaglia, Judo Samurai the first trophy of the “Mountains” in Pero. Here's the outcome of races

The Judo Samurai Porto Valtravaglia has participated in the first trophy of the “Mountains” in Pero that was held on Sunday 5 march. To take part in the competitions for both the athletes and small, the larger ones, who have approached the competition with great commitment and excellent results. Here...

Samsung publishes the results of surveys made on the Galaxy Note 7: uncovered the problems that caused the explosions

Samsung has finally released the results of the investigation that forced the company to withdraw all of the Galaxy Note 7 from the world market immediately after the launch. In addition to conducting an internal investigation on more than 200 thousand devices, Samsung has also examined closely the process...