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Unexpected and stubborn unexpected

1/6Marianne Dubuc, The garden of Gippo, The Margherita2/6Marianne Dubuc, The garden of Gippo, The Margherita3/6Marianne Dubuc, The garden of Gippo, The Margherita4/6Marianne Dubuc, The garden of Gippo, The Margherita5/6Marianne Dubuc, The garden of Gippo, The Margherita6/6Marianne Dubuc, The garden of...

“Education and trauma, resilience opens up new scenarios on how to conceive of life”

(article by Christina Campodonico) At the prayer House of the Passionist Fathers of Caravate was held the second meeting of training for volunteers, organized by the “Association of Volunteers of the Valli Varesine”. The speakers, dr. Daniela Galardi and his Father Marcello, have treated the subject...

Germignaga to “traveling with Wondy”, an exhibition to understand how to “find a meaning to the pain”

Saturday, June 2, will be inaugurated at the former Colony Elioterpatica of Germignaga, the exhibition “traveling with Wondy“, the presence of Alessandro Milan, journalist of Radio 24 and the president of the association “Wondy Am I,” and the mayor Marco Fazio. The event is scheduled at 20.30, is edited...