Region Lombardia

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Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca, 800 thousand euros from the Region to revolutionize the Jonah

It was in September 2017 when the mayor of Maccagno with Pine and Veddascsa, Fabio Passera, thundered against the Lombardy Region and the then-Governor Roberto Maroni, decrying the risks that its citizens, on a daily basis, living in the centre of the town on the lake because of the conditions of the...

Smog, “By the Region of 6 million to replace commercial vehicles to small and medium-sized enterprises”

It was approved in the regional Council, upon the proposal of the councillor for the Environment and Climate Raffaele Cattaneo, together with the councillor for economic Development, Alexander Mattinzoli the announcement of 6 million euros for the purchase of new vehicles to commercial use of low environmental...


The Committee, for the Hospital of Cuasso: “Health? You have to start to invest”

Continue to keep your tour in the province of Varese, the situation related to health, both in the local and regional level. For this reason, following the hearing at the regional Commission of health and of the considerations that emerged in merit on the part of a representative of the doctors in the...