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IPhone 8: so many certainties on the design are put in doubt. There is the hand of Apple? | Editorial

Apple has developed a Team to secure the leak, and theft of components of the iPhone. The company is very angry because the employees of the chinese factories that send or sell the photos to newspapers, create confusion, eliminate the surprise effect and slow down the sales of the current models.On the...


IPhone 7 (Product) RED: considerations and tips on how to protect it – VIDEO

We have in our hands the new iPhone 7 (Product) RED for a few days. We are ready to tell you our on your device and advise you on how to protect it better, without giving up too much to its fantastic red colour.Apple has launched few days on the market the brand new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (Product) RED:...

The “beauty” and the lack of Luino over the lake, the mountains and the usual suspects

If you don't like the opinions we recommend that you avoid trying to engage in this reading, because it could tell you a Luino in which you find yourself. If, instead, you like to read and, above all, I like the comparison with a serene and fruitful, this could be the right opportunity. The “beauty”...