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Football tournament in Dumenza, a referee punched in the face. Involved the police and Police

The tournament “Carrà” is one of the many football tournaments to 7, which are held in the summer period on the height of the Varesotto. This year's edition, wanted, as always, by the indefatigable Pol Valdumentina, which started on Monday, and in the course of the last game scheduled in the first evening...

Giuseppe Brunacci, from Brusimpiano to the World cup in Colombia

Fútbol sala, Fútbol de salón, or even more simply, Futsal and 5 a side football, are the names with which you identify a discipline that originated in Uruguay in the early Thirties, and that today, in Italy, collects tens of thousands of spectators. Know that some notes are Italian broadcasters, at the...


The earnings of a referee of A Series of roles, competitions, and international calls

To reveal, is today an article of Edmund Fin, on the “Corriere dello Sport”, which tells how much gain the football referees in the Italian Serie A, between roles, competitions, and international calls. Here is the picture of the situation. You will earn at the end, all together, something like 4 million...