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Dove the sly with almonds recipe, Easter of the Blessed, Red

We are still in time for the Easter cakes, with recipes by Benedetta Rossi we are still in time to make the dove of Easter. A dove, a classic but a recipe is crafty, fast, because it was Blessed using the yeast instant. Show a result that looks delicious, a dove with soft taste and scent of the true...


The recipes of Mary: today we prepare you the casatiello for Easter

We are all struggling with the recipes of Easter and between the recipes of Mary could not miss the casatiello. The recipe casatiello napoletano is the rich rustic pie to celebrate Easter enjoy Easter Monday. We can add as per tradition, the eggs on the surface stops from a cross of pasta, or avoid them,...

The recipe for the cannelloni neapolitan by Geo

Chef Raffaele Lenses in the episode of Geo aired on the 3rd of march 2020 has prepared a set of delicious recipes that are perfect in particular for Sunday lunch. What are you cooking good? Comes from the kitchen of Geo the recipe of the delicious cannelloni neapolitan, a recipe from leccasi a mustache....