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The Facts of Your recipes, pocket beef with onions is the dish of Francesco Pettinella

Bravissimo as always Francesco Pettinella with his recipes to The Facts of Your and now 4 November 2019 has suggested the recipe of the pocket of beef, an excellent second dish. The pocket of beef stuffed with mushrooms, honey mushrooms, chestnuts, apples, red onions, stale bread, everything is cooked...

Recipes mind Your own business: the tortano olives, provolone, and swiss chard Simone Loi for Easter

From your recipes I Made Your recipe but Simone Loi. It is one of recipes Easter not to be missed, typically the tortano has a filling that is different from that suggested by Simon, but is to try the recipe in the April 4, 2019 de mind Your own business. The tortano with olive, smoked provolone, and...