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Recipes Marco Bianchi, the bun very easy to do

This time Marco Bianchi has prepared a ring-shaped outlet from the recipes of Chiara Canzian. However, it becomes one of the recipes of Marco Bianchi, because, as always, changing a bit the ingredients. The result looks really delicious, Marco Bianchi stresses that this bun is really very good. Of course,...


Marco Bianchi, in quarantine, try the new carrot cake, the recipe of the health

Also today, Marco Bianchi, on his social profile has suggested a nice recipe for a perfect dessert, the recipe of the carrot cake. We are all in quarantine and all we cook especially desserts, to feel maybe a little better, to pamper the family. Mark White adds to her recipes, health, recipe of the carrot...

Marco Bianchi is the tiramisu, the dessert recipe on La prova del cuoco, 27 December 2017

Crumble tiramisu for Marco Bianchi, in La prova del cuoco today is 27 December 2017. Among the sweet recipes health Marco Bianchi has chosen the recipe of the tiramisu with ricotta cheese, a crumble of hazelnuts. Red fruits, a dessert recipe perfect for all. Always making sure the amount of sugar that...