Recipes benedetta rossi

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Benedetta Rossi prepares the muffins, the new recipes of home Made for you

Benedetta Rossi with recipes for home-Made for you we can always give ideas mouth-watering, quick and easy to make, and this time suggested the recipe of the muffins. The muffins with ham, zucchini, provola cheese, turmeric, tomato paste, tomatoes, corn, and more. Two different tastes but the recipe...


The recipe for the roll strawberry Benedetta Rossi, home-Made for you

From the recipes of Blessed Red the recipe, roll the strawberries, the sweet roll with cream and strawberries seen recipes of home-made for you. Once again the talented youtuber delights us with a dessert recipe and a dessert recipe with strawberries. It is a time of delicious strawberries, and among...

Recipes Blessed Red do shorts ricotta

From home-Made for you comes another recipe not to be missed by Benedetta Rossi. Have you ever tried her delicious shorts to the ricotta? A perfect dish if you have dinner, the friends of your children, or if perhaps you are looking for a winning idea for an appetizer to eat standing up with your colleagues....