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Another horrible lite Antonella Elia al GF Vip despite the health emergency

In spite of Antonella Elia and the other competitors of GF Vip yesterday have been notified of the health emergency in the whole of Italy is not enough to curb the fights. Yesterday evening a video message from Michele Cucuzza them advised of the provisions of the Government but in the night a quarrel...


Licia and Antonella Elia fight al GF VIP for trivial reasons. Fabio Testi blurts out: “You have broken, we have other things for the head”

In the house of Big Brother VIP 4 even the latest news on what is happening in Italy that soothes the minds of some competitors. In the last hours, he who follows the direct of the GF has seen as Antonella Elia has decided to “change” the target, focusing this time on Licia Nunez. The actress, meanwhile,...

Beijing Express 2020: a True Gem, and the final surprise, never happened in 8 years of reality

At a distance of eight years, Beijing Express 2020 is back in China, leading us to the discovery of architectural and naturalistic beauties. But it is not only the only thing worthy of note among the things that happened in the course of the fifth episode of the show hosted by Costantino Della Gherardesca....