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Valentin has posted a video with the hearts and Francesca Touches while Rudy Zerbi exposes him

Do not subside the controversy about Valentin Alexandru, the dancer who has decided to leave Friends 19 during the final episode of the Evening aired on Channel 5. After the decision to leave the talent show by Maria De Filippi, with the annexed sermon, on the part of the presenter, Valentin is back...


Friends 19, Valentin speaks after the abandonment and Titova puts it: Mary was wrong?

The last episode aired the Evening of Friends 19 was really full of twists and turns, more than that of strife and chaos. The decision to abandon the program of Channel 5 by the dancer Valentin Alexandru has done talking, and not a little. But to open the controversy were the words of tv presenter Maria...

Al GF Vip Valeria Marini has the cough but it did the swab and reassures all

The fear of infection by the Coronavirus also concerned with who is inside the house of the GF Vip the moment Valeria Marini manifests some of the symptoms, cough and fatigue. To worry about most of all is Fabio Texts but Valeria Marini has done the swab, she tells everyone and assures that the outcome...