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Adriana Volpe leaves the GF VIP, a relative may have been sick, all in tears after the last hug

It was already in the air for some time, even before Big Brother announced the abandonment of Adriana Volpe. From yesterday, to tell you the truth, you speak some phrases whispered in the house, but the director has cut, changing abruptly the shots. It was understood that a relative of Adriana Volpe...

Why Maria de Filippi has allowed a “bully homophobic” to arrive in the evening and stay in the game to Friends 19?

Is started the operation “Destroy the heart” and it's increasingly clear that the production of Friends, do not take a distance from what is happening, because, after the publication of the first two videos yesterday and the third today on Dagospia, has not published any note to declare that in “the...

GF Vip 4, who are the nominees in the seventeenth installment: the three women in the televoting

That episode, the seventeenth of Big Brother Vip! Between quarrels any, between the deletions and the first finalist, there were also, of course, the new nominations. How they voted our vipponi and why they decided to name their certain companions of adventure in the reality show of Channel 5? Let's...