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Patrick Pugliese grumbles against the Big Brother VIP: program “Pagocentrico” and he is without attributes

After the live broadcast of the Big Brother VIP 4 of 14 February 2020, the competitors have had the opportunity to discuss and make a budget of everything that has happened. It is clear that time passes in the house, and all feel the absence of their loved ones, for this reason, the nervousness increases...


Big Brother VIP 4 the nominees: Serena Enardu still in the televoting, it will be the right time?

You missed the nominations made in the course of the eleventh episode of Big Brother VIP 4? Clearly we went over, a bit like if we were in Sanremo, this February goes as well! But we can tell you about what happened in the final stage of the eleventh episode of the GF Vip aired on the 14th of February...

Clizia Incorvaia and Paul Ciavarro without brakes on the porthole of the GF Vip 4: night hot in the house (VIDEO)

The passion between Clizia Incorvaia and Paul Ciavarro-Big Brother Vip 4 now has officially exploded. After the long kiss in the garden, Hazel and Paul seem to be a couple to all intents and purposes. And after giving us a moment of passion in the swimming pool, the Incorvaia and Ciavarro there ricascano...