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The Beauty and the Geek is hot: the latest installment in the sign of the nude (VIDEO)

Yesterday evening, Tuesday 18 February 2020, was aired in prime time on Italy 1 in the final of The Beauty and the Geek, and vice Versa. The return with news of the television program, he crowned winners a pair of vice-versa: the order of the Barefooted, and the baby Stephen. The program conducted by...


Beijing Express 2020: Asia Argento injured, here is the second couple eliminated

After the debut seven days ago, Beijing Express 2020 continues its long run in the length and breadth of Thailand: the first of the three countries visited in the eighth season of the reality show on Rai due led by Costantino Della Gherardesca. At the beginning of this second installment, we looked at...

Clizia Incorvaia sad for the words of Eleonora Giorgi, mother of Paul: “I am heart broken”

During the episode of Big Brother Vip yesterday evening, Monday 17 February 2020, Paul Ciavarro received a beautiful surprise from her parents, Massimo and Eleonora Giorgi. A very emotional moment for the contestant of the reality show on Channel 5, but also for the viewers at home. After the family...