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Temptation Island 2019, advances to the fifth episode: Ilaria and Katia in tears. Nicola kiss-the single?

Monday, July 22, will be broadcasted a new episode of Temptation Island in the early evening on Channel 5. It will be the penultimate event of this season which is giving a lot of emotions to the public from home. But what will happen in this new and unmissable episode of the journey in the feelings?...


Temptation Island 2019: the bonfire of the final to David and Christina of Men and Women

As was already announced by the official sources of Mediaset, in the fourth installment of Temptation Island 2019 occurred two bonfire in comparison: the first opened the episode, and saw the protagonists Jessica and Andrea; and the second, the one that aired at the end of the episode, he saw a face-to-face...

Vip Friends:

Continue to be increasingly insistent rumors of a possible new talent show for Channel Five: Friends and Vip, the nth declination in the sauce celebrity of the eponymous talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi. On the program up to now does not have any official news even if, in these hours, he is carrying...