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Antonella Clerici on social celebrates the victory of Alberto Friends 18: it is also a little bit his

Last Saturday we saw it get excited in the course of the semi-finals of the Friends 18. And this Saturday, as it opens Antonella Clerici was in front of the tv to cheer for his protégé. Of course we talk about Alberto Urso, the winner of this edition of Friends and former knowledge of Rai 1, and Antonella...


Gf 16 news, Gennaro and Francesca always close, yield to the passion?

Latest news from the Big Brother house 16. As we have seen, in the last hour, Gennaro and Francesca, the competitors of Big Brother 16, have returned after a quarrel that had caused the distance between them. After the game, the looks and the long hug that marked the forgiveness, the two gieffini seem...

Dancing with the Stars 2019: the clash live between Stefano Oradei and Veera Kinnunen

Even on Dancing with the Stars 2019 erupted a controversy gossip theme sentimental. In the week he had already spoken to a few sites online: the fidanzatissimi Veera Kinnunen and Stefano Oradei they would have ended up in the vortex of jealousy because of the attention (badly interpreted) that the competitor...