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Death Desiree, Francesco Facchinetti shock: ‘We want the guillotine to...’

Hard to comment on social Facchinetti on the death of Desirée Mariottini The rape and tragic death of sixteen-year-old Desiree Mariottini has upset all the italians. Also Francesco Facchinetti, was thrilled by the violence that these guys have done to the child. Through its page Facebook, the producer...


Also Nick Carter of BSB accused of rape

Photo via the webThe avalanche unleashed by the case, Weinstein shows no signs of wanting to turn at the end and in the last few hours also Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys is finished in the black list of alleged offenders famous.To accuse him of rape was the former pop star Melissa Schuman of the...

Torture and rape on migrants, the chilling testimony of the victims: “So we tortured”

He tortured, tortured and raped migrants locked in the “safe house”, before they left towards the Italian coast. The police State has stopped, and the Gip of the court of Agrigento Francesco Provenzano has already validated the arrest, a twenty-year-old ghanaian deemed to be a trafficker of men. In the...