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The Rai think of the closure of other programmes: those Who have seen it, and the Agora at risk, the contagion in the studios de La prova del cuoco

In these hours the news will run one after the other and verify that they are correct and real is not easy. But let's go to degrees: Sunday has been suspended. The program of Rai 1, will not go on air tomorrow. At the moment, was not disclosed the official reason but, according to the latest news reported...

Having said that back to 14: let's discover the tutorial of today hunting for the public

Yet another change for the Said Fact. The program of Rai 2 from October 14, 2019 will be aired in its classic location. Bianca Guaccero and the team Said the Fact come back, then, to the 14 challenging face-to-face, Come to me ( that among other things, by today resumes in its short version, followed...