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Luino, against prejudice and racism: “The social vent of the worst impulses”

It was held on Friday evening, a public meeting organized by the circle of the Democratic Party of Luino at the biblioteca civica di Luino from the title “Prejudice and totalitarianism: culture media for the racism of our day”. After the introduction of Dario Pessina, the commissioner of the PD luino...

Laveno Mombello against fascism and racism, and stop activities and events in public areas

The municipality of Laveno Mombello, in the city council last September 27, has modified two regulations in the municipal, one for “the application of the tax, employment areas and public areas and for the discipline of related occupations” and “use of municipal properties“. The goal, as you act on the...

Colmegna, a young man saved by a “miracle” from the bottom of the lake. “What a shame racism”

Go to the lake to spend a Sunday in a carefree way, and put his life to save another. This is what happened to M. F., luino area 31, Sunday, when his partner was at the “Pinzone”, the well known beach of Colmegna, a resort town of Luino is often frequented by citizens and tourists alike. “[...]The post...