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On Sunday, the first of the “Sprint Triathlon vvVincent” this is a great opportunity for Porto Ceresio

After the experience of the Gran Fondo cycling that concerned with the passage of riders in many territories of the Alto Varesotto, the next weekend will be again all in the name of sport for the municipality of Porto Ceresio. The lake village is, in fact, the seat of the first edition of the Sprint...

Run well not to get hurt

Run well not to get hurt. When you start to run often the aim is to increase the time or speed of their performance, but, unfortunately, this is at the expense of a good posture. The result? Injuries or joint pain. In the workout is important, and I will never cease to say, learn first the correct execution...

Marchirolo, on Sunday the tenth edition of the race, “The three towers”

The Grand Prix of the Mountain stage Sunday, June 17, in Marchirolo for the fourth round of the competition dedicated to the pre-Alps, has already crossed the routes of Laveno, Gropello di Gavirate and Cuveglio. The one program on the weekend is the tenth edition of the race, “The three steeples“, was...