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Crostini: recipes for all tastes!

That is an aperitif or a dinner with friends, the appetizers are always full of sandwiches with pate and creams. Often, perhaps always the same, and you buy ready made at the supermarket. On iFood here are many ideas to impress your guests with pates or creams on the classics, but also special and...


Special shrimp: 5 summer recipes quick and easy

Five seafood recipes featuring shrimp. That are salads, pasta dishes or main dishes , those that we propose are very quick to make and very simple. Shrimp lend themselves to countless preparations, but given its meat is very delicate, have biosgno of quick cooking, because those prolonged ruin the food....

10 recipes with Goat cheese

The goat cheese is a fresh cheese based on goat's milk, among the most popular and versatile, even though, as the culinary tradition is more adherent to the habits of the French. Here in Italy are prepared generally in the shape of tomini and goats, and are popular in some regions: Piemonte, Valle d'aosta,...