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Melissa Satta against Daniele Interrante, he replies: ‘Vergognati!’

Old grudges between the two ex-boyfriends Daniele Interrante and Melissa Satta, here's what happened between them. Melissa Satta against Daniele Interrante Guest CR4 – La Repubblica delle Donne di Piero Chiambretti, Melissa Satta has answered a few questions on her ex-boyfriend Daniele Interrante. The...


Afternoon Five: the quarrel between Elena Moral and Teresanna Pugliese, intervenes Barbara D'urso

In the Afternoon, Five Elena Moral and Teresanna Pugliese argued heavily, here's what happened. Afternoon Five, furious quarrel between Elena Moral and Teresanna Pugliese In the last episode of the 2018 of the Afternoon Five aired Friday, December 14, there was a strong lite. The protagonists of this...

Federica Panicucci in big trouble, broke out the quarrel between the Crown and the Cecchi Paone, who asks her to take a position

Federica Panicucci in the last episode of the Morning Five has found itself in serious difficulties after the dispute between Fabrizio Corona and Alessandro Cecchi Paone. Here's what happened. Morning Five: furious quarrel between Cecchi Paone and Fabrizio Corona, intervenes Federica Panicucci in the...