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In Russia, playing Pokèmon, and Go in the church, condemns you to 3 and a half years in prison [Video]

Play Pokèmon Go in Russia is really dangerous, you run the risk of confinement in prison, as a murderer. Do you remember that period where everywhere there voltassimo met someone who played Pokèmon Go? Russia has now prohibited the use of the game in churches, with penalty is very severe represented...


The case Of the Big, the Eu supports Italy. A “firm request for the immediate release of Gabriel”

Gabriele Del Grande is a journalist and documentary filmmaker, the Italian from last April 10 is in a prison in Turkey, after being stopped by the police in Hatay province's south-eastern border with Syria. On April 15, the ministry of the Interior had made it known that the Great it was good and Tuesday,...

The Pasticceria Giotto and the Panettone more “sophisticated” in the world

An initiative that creates real possibilities for people who often do not have one for the whole life. The choice to retrieve a group of kids through the teaching of a craft, an art. Bring the prisoners to the raw materials, the techniques, the basics of pastry and managed to build together with them...