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The fried vegetables are healthier than boiled

Since the dawn of time we have been told that the (usually) sad boiled vegetables is good for our health, unlike the greedy, creaking, sinful, fried vegetables in batter. Cancel all fake. To reveal it is a search of the Department of nutrition of the faculty of Pharmacy of Granada: pumpkins, eggplant,...

The story of a lifetime Vivilight

All the demons are difficult to tame. Every fight he has in him something of the heroic in the moment in which it is fought, soprattutta when the enemy is settled in ourselves. Often are subtle and act in the shadows, trying to go unnoticed. The problem is that very often they succeed. For years my demons...


Gmos 2.0 may also arrive in Italy

Fruit and vegetables, Gmos in Italy? Perhaps yes, and in the future not too far away. But be careful not to give in to easy alarmism. TheEuropean Union is considering the possibility not to apply its own directives on the deliberate release into the environment and the contained use of genetically modified...