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Luino: “the Mail is late and the bills expired ever received,” continue the inconvenience and inefficiency

Continue to Luino the inconvenience caused by the delays in the delivery of the mail: this time to write has been a reader reporting the situation in the area of via Don Folli, to Luino. “The delivery of the mail is constantly late, you will not receive anything for weeks and then there is the box full...

Maccagno, will pass on the inefficiencies of the postal: “Citizens imbufaliti, arrived two postmen in the country”

Continue to get complaints regarding the inefficiency of the postal scattered on the whole territory of the northern province and also Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca is not exempt. To make the point of situation, with respect to the vast territory of the city, is the mayor Fabio Passera, who daily arrive...


Luino, “The mail doesn't arrive from a month and a half, the situation is shameful”

Another. Yet another signal that comes from Luino. The situation for the delays in delivery of correspondence in the homes of the citizens of the High Place, does not seem at all resolved. On the contrary. Despite the various meetings in the last year and a few months ago in Varese, between the mayors,...