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Portobello continues, Antonella Clerici moved to the result of some listings (Photo and Video)

Last Saturday, Antonella Clerici closed the Portobello with the last episode, and with the awareness of not having won the race for tv viewers but, in return, to be able to do much more (Photos and video). With a video posted on his social profile, the presenter showed the result of some advertisements...

Antonella Clerici called Sorbillo, Amber Roman and Gilberto Rossi to close Portobello (Photo)

With the last episode of Portobello nostalgia for the proof of the cook is increased even a little, Antonella Clerici has called for the final greetings the other historical starring: Gino Sorbillo, Amber Roman and Gilberto Rossi (in the photo). Nostalgia or want to enter in any way in its programs and...

Listen to tv December 8: the De Filippi with the replication of You you que vales whips Antonella Clerici

Who won between Portobello and the Journal of You you que vales The challenge of tv viewers last night, Saturday 8 December 2018 are focused mainly on the outcome of Portobello. Yesterday evening, in fact, on Rai Uno aired the last meeting with Antonella Clerici. The data Auditel, have awarded the show?...