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Elena Santarelli public the photo with the son, and the Pope, a thing that excites you (Photos)

This morning Elena Santarelli has found among his pictures, one shot with the Pope, with her, there is also his son, Giacomo, an image nearly two years ago, that excites. The showgirl makes clear immediately that it is a selfie of June 2017, if he had done certainly would have taken the titles of each...


Dad, useful tips for to sleep children

Dads are becoming more skilled in the care of their children. Today we look at some useful tips to tuck in the kids so you can help a little bit, mom. Often children, especially if very small, are able to fall asleep only in his arms reassuring the mother. The father, therefore, must intervene gently...

Medjugorje, the bishop of Mostar: “The apparitions are not authentic”

Today is expected to Medjugorje, the arrival of”special envoy” of the Pope, in the person of the archbishop of Warsaw mgr. Henryk Hoser. Another prelate, the bishop of Mostar, monsignor Ratko Peric, under whose jurisdiction falls the town of the alleged marian apparitions, he takes the word to reaffirm...