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Political polls: the M5S and Pd fall while the League grows

The political polls do not bring good news for the Government, Count Bis. Apparently the M5S and the Pd fall while the League grows. A situation that is certainly not rosy for the Government at the beginning. Generally, in fact, in the early stages, the consent of the citizens is quite high, while in...

Political polls: the Count is at 49%, while Salvini by 32%

The results of political polls conducted by the Institute Ixé have led to the emergence of interesting data. Apparently the premier Count stood at 49% of preferences on the part of the italians, while Matteo Salvini, deputy prime minister of the outgoing and the leader of the League, by 32%. The League...

Political polls latest news: the results of the new Government Count

Political polls latest news: the Government Count like the italians? Let's find out what emerges from the surveys Swg for the Tg La7. In the day yesterday, in which took place the first vote of confidence in the Government M5S-Pd, were disseminated these data relating to the approval of the Italian Government...