Pokémon GO

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Pokèmon Go reaches 1 billion downloads

Pokèmon Go has reached the impressive milestone of 1 billion downloads in just over three years since its release. The announcement came through the various videos published by the Pokémon Company on YouTube to commemorate the milestone. It is worth noting that some of these numbers of downloads also...


Pokémon GO introduces Adventure Sync for iOS and Android

The authors Niantic continue to make improvements to the now famous game titled “Pokémon GO.” Get the “Adventure Sync”, the new feature is available on both iOS and Android. Even if up to now they have certainly shown that neglecting the game, now more than ever must engage in order to keep up the enthusiasm,...

Pokémon GO, the details of the dark Halloween event

Ready to savor the taste of fear? Niantic has today published the details of the Halloween event Pokémon GO! Between the first news of this event, we find the introduction of Pokémon ...The article Pokémon GO, the details of the dark Halloween event has just been released on Uagna: news, reviews, previews,...