Pokémon GO

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Pokemon GO, the mode Buddy Adventure coming shortly

Pokèmon GO, the popular weblog title Niantic, is preparing to receive a new important update at the beginning of the next year; in fact, to get the new and interesting mode Buddy Adventure. The new game mode had already been unveiled last month by the development team, but today, Niantic has shared new...


Harry Potter: Wizards, United, when it comes out and what do you expect?

Harry Potter: Wizards, United, will, with high probability, the game of the year on iOS. Developed by Niantic, looks like Pokémon GO into the dynamics through the use of augmented reality. We discover everything there is to know before launch, then features, gameplay and so on. What is Harry Potter:...

Pokémon GO, the details of the dark Halloween event

Ready to savor the taste of fear? Niantic has today published the details of the Halloween event Pokémon GO! Between the first news of this event, we find the introduction of Pokémon ...The article Pokémon GO, the details of the dark Halloween event has just been released on Uagna: news, reviews, previews,...