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The bread tin salt, the recipe with the peas Natalia Cattelani

A real goodness rustic, another recipe Natalia Cattelani to try it immediately, the recipe of the plum cake salt with the peas. That's a recipe Natalia Cattelani suggests to us from his delightful cooking blog, cooking Time. A loaf pan with the peas is perfect to accompany our lunches, dinners or to...


The recipe of plum cake with chocolate

A cake chocolate easy and fast to build, one of the sweet recipes perfect for the whole family, perfect for breakfast, as a snack. Don't miss the recipe for the plum cakes with chocolate, don't miss another perfect dessert suggested by The silver spoon. Flour, butter, milk, cocoa powder, corn starch...

Recipes Morning 5, we make the cake of the queen

From the recipes of Samya the recipe for the plum cakes to the queen, one of the recipes in the Morning 5 today, 25 February, 2019. And’ bread perfect for breakfast, as a snack, dessert easy to prepare but delicious because with the dried fruit, with honey, with whipped cream. This time, Samya has delighted...