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Luino, ready for the killing of other plane trees affected by cancer colored” in viale Dante

The fate of the last plane-trees of viale Dante now has a maturity, that within the next month of march will lead to the removal of the historic plants affected by the so-called “cancer colored”. A condition that with the passage of time has decimated the presence of the specimens along the whole avenue,...


Stefano Sala and Benedetta Mazza: her sister, reveals a backstory on the couple

Between Stefano's Room and Benedetta Mazza is evident that there is something. Her sister has revealed some behind the scenes on this report. Big Brother Vip, the relationship between Stephen Hall and the Blessed Mace From the first days of this third edition of Big Brother Vip has noticed a approach...

Liam Payne is always on the go

Photo: @ Instagram/ Liam PayneLiam Payne continues to travel around the world to fulfil his professional commitments and the last photo up on his Instagram, says a lot about how his life at this time.With the suitcase always ready and a new plane on which to embark, the singer waits in the airport and...