Pixel art

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The wonderful Pixel Art of Gustavo Viselner

Gustavo Viselner is an artist who is inspired by the pop culture to give life to the magnificent and imaginative works through an original and nostalgic form of digital art: Pixel Art.This technique finds supporters among those who are nostalgic of the games in the eighties (when the pixel art is born...


I Am The Hero: fighting game for iPhone in the style of pixel-art

Another interesting game that we are very keen to tell you is “I Am The Hero”, an amazing fighting game in the style of pixel-art graphically compatible with both iPhone, iPad.In search of games for the iPhone and iPad? Maybe a nice game that reminds you of good times from the past? Here's to you I Am...

What makes it “legendary” a sword? Let's find out in the short pixel art Making a Legendary Sword!

Here are Making a Legendary Sword, the short film selected at the festival Anima Mundi in 2016 who will tell us what makes a legendary sword! My passion for pixel art is certainly not a secret and, through GeekareSexy, I had the good fortune to lay eyes on the funny short film made by a PixelPalas,...