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Katia Ricciarelli to Come to me the regret of not doing their best wishes to Pippo Baudo, have been married for 18 years (Photos)

Guest Come to me today, Katia Ricciarelli, perhaps only a few not know that she was with Pippo Baudo for 18 years, and today, and by the time you do not speak, no contact between them (photo). Baudo celebrated in tv 83 years old and his long career surrounded by everyone, but she was not there. Therefore...


The son of Pippo Baudo to the Italian Stories is about the relationship with his father

Not seen often on tv in Italy, also because he lives and works abroad but, in the episode of the Italian Stories live today, may 15, 2019, the son of Pippo Baudo, has wanted to clarify, as all know, the presenter, to have a very good relationship with his father. Puts and then to be silent, still, before...

Pippo Baudo, a few hours ago the bad news

We are all used to seeing it with the smile on the stage, but it seems that Foo has and has had its problems. Here's what happened to the conductor, and Rai For the great conductor Pippo Baudo there are bad news. The court has condemned him to the payment of a considerable fine. Here's how much you must...