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Bella Hadid, the quarantine-based junk food and video games

Photo via the web The quarantine is putting a strain on the habits of the supermodel Bella Hadid, who, apparently, is taking advantage of the break from work to indulge in some little treat. Wine, junk food and video games are just some of the peccatucci the future auntie decided to give in and that...

Demi Lovato tells Harper's Bazaar

Photos via Harper's Bazaar Demi Lovato is the undisputed star of the new issue of Harper's Bazaar chose her as the face for its latest cover. Immortalized with a wonderful red dress, Demi makes us enjoy the summer atmosphere before engaging in such an interview, rather intimate in which she spoke of...

Drake, shows her home in Architectural Digest

Photo via the web To those who like to take a look inside the homes of celebrity? Well,I'm sure you will be pleased to know that Drake has just exposed her mansion Toronto in the influential magazine Architectural Digest. Get ready, therefore, and with bursting eyes paw to be captured from the kitchen...