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Pensions 2020, an altitude of 100 pink inserted in the Maneuver? Here's the news

Pensions 2020, the share of 100 pink will be inserted in the Manoeuvre? Let's discover what are the news that could be taken into account with the Budget Law 2020. Pensions altitude of 100 are one of the measures discussed. Help you leave work at 62 years of age with 38 years of contributions. But they...

Pensions altitude of 100 the latest news and turn into portion 103?

Pensions share 100 latest news: turn into portion 103? This is one of the assumptions that are circulating in this moment. It is not a secret that the top 100 is because of disagreements within the Government M5S-Pd, and not only. Even Salvini, aware of the fact that many are opposed to the measure,...


Pensions news an altitude of 100: changed for women? Here's the news

Pensions news an altitude of 100: changed for women? Let's discover what are the news of the last few hours. As we know, the top 100 remains a node yet to be dissolved for the Government. Although in the Manoeuvre 2020, the measure has not been touched, especially by the will of the M5S, who has made...